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Mini-PCDH15 for treatment of deafness
TS-050433 — A gene therapy solution for Usher Syndrome Type 1F.
Mutations in PCDH15 cause Usher 1F, a recessive syndrome characterized by profound congenital deafness and absence of vestibular function, and progressive blindness beginning in the second decade. Because patients who lack hearing and balance rely on vision for communication and mobility, the late…
  • College: College of Arts & Sciences
  • Inventors: Sotomayor, Marcos
  • Licensing Officer: Dahlman, Jason "Jay"

Nasal Plug for Nasal Air Flow Modulation
TS-036994 — A simple, inexpensive device for redirecting nasal airflow for individuals complaining of nasal obstruction.
Nasal sinus disease is one of the most common medical conditions in the U.S., affecting an estimated 13% of the adult population and accounting for 12.5 million physician office visits annually. Among its many symptoms, complaints of nasal obstruction is one of the primary symptoms that most signi…
  • College: College of Medicine (COM)
  • Inventors: Zhao, Kai
  • Licensing Officer: Norris, Francis "Frank"

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