Malabar (OH02-7217), Triticum aestivum, Soft Red Winter Wheat

MALABAR is a soft red winter wheat variety that is adapted to Ohio growing conditions and has tolerance to blight.

MALABAR (OH02-7217) is a soft red winter wheat variety developed by the Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center and released to the Ohio Foundation Seeds organization for increase in the fall of 2007. This variety was released due to its adaptation to Ohio, outstanding tolerance to Fusarium Head Blight, and excellent resistance to lodging.

In 23 trials Malabar yielded 3.8 bu./acre more than “Hopewell” and its test weight was 0.5 lbs./bu. greater. This new variety was 2nd in yield performance out of 25 entries tested in the 2007 Five State Yield Trial. Malabar is 1 to 2 inches taller than Hopewell and heads out about the same time. Malabar has tan chaff, is awnless, and has moderate resistance to Powdery Mildew and Stagonospora Leaf and Glume Botches. Malabar has an exceptional Fusarium Head Blight Index that is similar to that of the resistant check, Truman.

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