Steward's ATI Sunrise #1; Rhododendron obtusum; Glenn Dale Hybrid Azalea (PV005-09)

A novel evergreen azalea cultivar capable of producing new varieties of azaleas.

The new Azalea has white hose-in-hose flowers borne in trusses with some yellow-green flecking in the throat of the petals and green-yellow emerging buds. Other key and unique features include free branching and a subtle fruity scent. This is a combination that currently does not otherwise exist on the market with evergreen azaleas. Asexual reproduction of this flower based in Wooster, Ohio since 1998 have shown that the unique features of this new Azalea are stable and were reproduced true to type in successive generations. The azalea, which has been propagated at Ohio State greenhouse facilities is expected to be able to perform as breeding stock for additional cultivars.

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