Ultrasonic Endodontic Dental Device

A device for performing endodontic procedures such as root canals by utilizing ultrasonic energy to debride the root canal space

The Need

In Endodontics, research has shown that debridement, or removal of material from the root canal space, is of paramount importance for the success of a root canal to reduce the risk of infection and failure of the procedure. Traditional chemo-mechanical techniques using hand filing or contemporary rotary instrumentation remove the bulk of tissue and debris from the root canal space. However, it has been shown that tissue remains within the canal system in the apical third region of the canal and in areas that instruments cannot reach, i.e. isthmuses. Ultrasonic energy has been shown to improve cleaning/debridement of the root canal space as well as improve/enhance placement of medicaments, sealers and obturating materials.

The Technology

Researchers at The Ohio State University have designed an ultrasonic endodontic device which can fit most currently available ultrasonic units. It has significant clinical benefits to practicing dentists and endodontists by providing enhanced debridement efficiency and thus, better clinical success. This device utilizes the benefits of ultrasonic energy to significantly improve the cleaning of the entire root canal space while also effectively delivering irrigating or other fluids into the root canal space for improved distribution and placement of these fluids.

Commercial Application

  • Dentists/endodontists root canal treatments


  • Compatible with existing units
  • Greater cleaning performance than ultrasonic files
  • Reusable needles increases life span of the product

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