Amino Esters and Uses Thereof

Amino esters nanomaterials for gene therapy and drug delivery.

The Need

The efficient delivery of mRNA is a key challenge for the application of mRNA therapeutics. Despite promising data from ongoing clinical trials for the treatment of cancer vaccines, the clinical use of mRNA requires the discovery and development of safer and more effective delivery systems.

The Technology

The Ohio State University researchers, led by Dr. Yizhou Dong, have developed a series of amino esters nanomaterials for gene therapy and drug delivery applications. The researchers designed and synthesized this series of compounds with amino cores and ester lipid chains. The materials showed significant delivery efficiency of CRISPR associated protein 9 (cas9) mRNA in cells. Consistently, lead material demonstrates effective Cas9 mRNA delivery in vivo.

Commercial Applications

  • mRNA based therapy
  • Gene therapy
  • Drug delivery


  • Improved efficacy
  • Reduced toxicity

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