FARM: Fertilizer Application Resource Monitor

FARM is a real-time mobile application that uses precipitation forecasts to guide farmers in their use of fertilizer and pesticides.

The Need

Weather forecasting is a useful tool for farmers who need to decide how best to treat their crops. Applying fertilizer or pesticide to crops, just to have the rain wash it away, results in a waste of resources. Additionally, many areas such as Ohio have regulations for fertilizer and pesticide run-off that farmers must follow.

The Technology

FARM is a mobile application created by Dr. Aaron Wilson at the Ohio State University. Farm uses historical and current precipitation forecasts to guide farmers in their decision-making processes. FARM produces a regional map that gives farmers information on when fertilization or pesticide use is risky or not recommended.

Commercial Application

  • Farmers and personal gardners alike can benefit from FARM to make cost-effective decisions that comply with local regulations.
  • Compliance and regulation organizations could also benefit from FARM as a predictive tool, so that they can decide when and where they should monitor run-off levels.
  • Agricultural departments could use FARM to help their citizens make good farming decisions.


  • FARM is quick and easy to use
  • It helps its users save money and supplies
  • Promotes decisions that are environmentally friendly

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