Novel Phosphors for Solid-State Lighting Applications

Novel halide perovskite phosphor that, when paired with blue LED light, creates warm white light without the need for high temperature ceramics in its production and does not contain rare-earth elements. It has several applications including solid-state lighting and white LEDs. The phosphors produce light with a natural appearance and extended excitation spectra.

The Need

Phosphors are used in a variety of products and for a variety of reasons. Halide perovskite phosphors, a specific type of phosphor, can be combined with light emitting diodes (LED) to create phosphor converted LEDs (pc-LED). The current technology has several shortcomings; deficiency in red and cyan light, low photoluminescent quantum yield, reduced excitation spectrum, requirement of expensive, high temperature ceramic methods for production. Therefore, an inexpensive and reliable method to produce visible spectrum light for use in various lighting applications is needed.

The Technology

Dr. Woodward and colleagues have created a novel phosphor. The technology comprises a halide double perovskite phosphor that can be combined with blue, violet, or near UV spectrum light. This lead-free halide double perovskite solution, when combined with LEDs, is capable of efficiently producing broad yellow-white photoluminescence. The excitation spectra of this technology extends into the visible region, showing strong photoluminescence. This quality is crucial for potential use in pcLED white lighting applications.

This invention offers several important advantages over the current technology. The white light produced is "warm" as opposed to "cool", like the current technology, which makes it more desirable for indoor lighting applications. Further, the red and cyan colors emitted are enhanced in this technology. This creates a more natural light appearance. The process for production is also straightforward. The composition of the powder makes it scalable and simple to integrate into industry. Further, the technology is lead-free, which helps to reduce several overlying health concerns with the current technology, which primarily use lead. These qualities make this technology a significant advancement in the field of pc-LEDs.

Commercial Applications

  • Solid-state lighting
  • White LEDs


  • Scalable
  • Lead free
  • Does not contain rare-earth elements
  • Broad excitation spectrum
  • Natural lighting appearance

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