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Ultrasonic Endodontic Dental Device
TS-037112 — A device for performing endodontic procedures such as root canals by utilizing ultrasonic energy to debride the root canal space
In Endodontics, research has shown that debridement, or removal of material from the root canal space, is of paramount importance for the success of a root canal to reduce the risk of infection and failure of the procedure. Traditional chemo-mechanical techniques using hand filing or contemporary …
  • College: College of Dentistry
  • Inventors: Nusstein, John
  • Licensing Officer: Norris, Francis "Frank"

Color Matching System for Translucent Dental Material
TS-031393 — A system that enhances the aesthetic appearance of restorative and prosthetic dental restorations by objectively matching color and shading based on optical characterization and optical theories.
Color matching is critical for dental implants, cosmetic and beauty products, paints, textiles, and graphic design. Many techniques to evaluate color are subjective and do not produce consistent results. For example, when teeth are repaired or replaced during a dental procedure, additional materia…
  • College: College of Dentistry
  • Inventors: Carney, Melody; Johnston, William
  • Licensing Officer: Norris, Francis "Frank"

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