Automotive Security Assurance Testbed

This testbed serves as a virtual way to increase security assurance in the automotive design phase. With connectivity becoming such a prominent aspect of automotive design security risks can also risk safety. The goal is to be able to provide a stronger assurance of security in modern vehicles.

The Need

The days where vehicles functioned in isloation are soon behind us. Push from consumers as well as the government has brought an age in which automobiles now function as complex systems of communication networks and sensors. As communication pathways within vehicles increase, the safety of their passengers remains paramount and this includes from the risks of cyberattacks. The current approach to cybersecurity in this area is based around penetration testing, which is costly, time consuming, and sometimes dangerous.

The Technology

In addressing this need, researchers at The Ohio State University are looking to a simulation based test for faster testing and assessment. The main innovation proposed includes a hardware-in-loop based testbed for the evaluation of cybersecurity in automotive embedded systems. The testbed features include: connectivity, internal vehicle networks, controller modeling and algorithm implementation, hardware-in-loop, and telematics.

Commercial Applications

This test bed will allow for researchers to test their designs against cyberattacks in a controlled laboratory setup, implementing cybersecurity right from the design phase.


  • Safety
  • Time-saving
  • Efficiency

Research Interests

Matthew Appel received his undergraduate degree (BS Electrical and Computer Engineering) from The Ohio State University, and is a current M.S. candidate in electrical and computer engineering. His research is a part of The Center for Automotive Research (CAR) which is the preeminent research center in sustainable and safe mobility in the United States and an interdisciplinary research center in The Ohio State University’s College of Engineering. With a concentration on preparing the next generation of automotive leaders, CAR is recognized for interdisciplinary emphasis on systems engineering, advanced and unique experimental facilities, collaboration on advanced product development projects with industry, and a balance of government and privately sponsored research. CAR’s research focuses on energy, safety and the environment and it offers state-of-the-art facilities for students, faculty, research staff and industry partners.


Patent # Title Country
62/988,591 Automotive Security Assurance Testbed United States of America

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