Ultra Sheer Technology (UST): Transforming Protein Blending for Superior Nutrition and Taste

The Need: The food industry faces the challenge of meeting increasing consumer demand for health-promoting, sustainable, and cost-effective protein-based diets. While plant-based milk products have gained popularity, many consumers are hesitant due to undesirable flavors and compromised taste. Additionally, there is a need to achieve the unmatched nutritional quality of dairy milk proteins combined with the benefits of plant proteins. The existing protein blending methods are ineffective, resulting in sedimentation and lump formation during blending. To address these challenges, a revolutionary solution is required to create a homogenous product that combines animal and plant proteins while maintaining superior taste and nutritional value.

The Technology: Ultra Sheer Technology (UST) offers a groundbreaking approach to blend proteins from plant and dairy sources effectively. This innovative process involves subjecting the liquid blend to high pressure (up to 400 MPa), shear, and thermal exposure through a tiny nozzle. The treatment induces structural changes in milk fat globules and casein micelles, enhancing stability and preventing creaming. The UST process enables the creation of a homogeneous product, blending animal and plant proteins seamlessly.

Commercial Applications: The Ultra Sheer Technology has diverse applications across the food industry, including:

  • Hybrid Protein Foods: Creation of hybrid products that combine animal and plant proteins, providing balanced nutrition and taste.
  • Plant-Based Milk Alternatives: Development of smooth and great-tasting milk substitutes using plant and dairy proteins, catering to lactose-intolerant and health-conscious consumers.
  • Nutritional Supplements: Formulation of high-quality protein supplements with improved taste and solubility for fitness enthusiasts and health seekers.

Benefits/Advantages: The adoption of Ultra Sheer Technology offers several compelling benefits:

  • Superior Taste and Texture: The technology enables the creation of protein blends with natural and desirable flavors, appealing to both flexitarians and health-conscious consumers.
  • Enhanced Nutritional Value: Combining animal and plant proteins results in a complementary amino acid profile, providing unmatched nutritional benefits.
  • Improved Stability and Shelf Life: The UST process enhances emulsion stability and prevents protein sedimentation, ensuring consistent product quality and extended shelf life.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: By blending animal and plant proteins, manufacturers can achieve cost-effective formulations without compromising on nutritional content.
  • Sustainable Solution: Utilizing pea protein and dairy sources contributes to sustainability efforts and reduces the environmental impact of food production.

With Ultra Sheer Technology, the food industry can revolutionize protein blending, offering consumers a wide range of nutritious and delicious products that meet their health and taste preferences.


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63/126,890 Method for blending animal and plant protein liquid mixtures with improved food functionality United States of America

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