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Dust Analysis: A Novel Approach to Monitoring Viral Spread
TS-066962 — The Need Viral disease (such as influenza viruses and SARS-CoV-2) surveillance in high-risk settings faces several challenges, such as asymptomatic carriers, incomplete reporting, resource limitations, and delayed diagnosis of traditional swab test methods. These challenges could allow a virus to s…
  • College: College of Engineering (COE)
  • Inventors: Dannemiller, Karen; Faith, Seth; Hull, Natalie; Nastasi, Nick; Renninger, Nicole
  • Licensing Officer: Ashouripashaki, Mandana

Smartphone Detection Kit for Airborne Formaldehyde and Allergens
TS-066960 — The Need Indoor air can be polluted by various sources, including building materials, furniture, cleaning products, and even people. Exposure to these resulting contaminants and allergens can lead to a variety of health problems, such as respiratory irritation, allergies, and even cancer. It is cur…
  • College: College of Engineering (COE)
  • Inventors: Dannemiller, Karen; Parquette, Jonathan; Qin, Rongjun
  • Licensing Officer: Ashouripashaki, Mandana

Revolutionizing Literacy Instruction with LetterWorks: Bridging Tradition and Technology
TS-065840 — The Need Incorporating Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) into literacy instruction is imperative, especially for at-risk populations, yet research in this area remains limited. The demand for effective tools to enhance literacy learning among struggling readers is critical. Teachers…
  • College: College of Education & Human Ecology
  • Inventors: Rodgers, Emily; D'Agostino, Jerome
  • Licensing Officer: Dahlman, Jason "Jay"

RocketTechs: Igniting Entrepreneurial Ventures
TS-065823 — The Need: In today's rapidly evolving technological landscape, bridging the gap between innovative university technologies and entrepreneurial leaders is paramount. However, existing platforms often lack the efficiency and user-friendliness required for effective matchmaking. RocketTechs address…
  • College: Office of Business and Finance
  • Inventors: Morowit, Lauren; Turnbull, Cheryl
  • Licensing Officer: Dahlman, Jason "Jay"

KineScribe, an iPad app for Laban movement notations.
TS-064260 — The Need: Dance researchers, educators, choreographers, and movement practitioners face the challenge of accessing and editing Laban movement notation scores on modern, portable devices. With the discontinuation of LabanWriter, the industry lacked a touch-screen application tailored to the latest te…
  • College: College of Arts & Sciences
  • Inventors: Kosstrin, Hannah; Summers, Christopher
  • Licensing Officer: Dahlman, Jason "Jay"

How Are You Feeling Today? Organizational Mental Health Indicator and Real-Time Help Application
TS-064244 — The Need: Organizations, particularly college campuses, are facing a growing challenge in addressing student mental health issues. The rising prevalence of severe psychological problems, anxiety disorders, and depression among students necessitates a proactive and effective solution. The existing ga…
  • College: College of Engineering (COE)
  • Inventors: Ezell, Jonathan; Kaufman, Michael
  • Licensing Officer: Dahlman, Jason "Jay"

Systems and Methods of Reminding Drivers of the Stalking Vehicles on the Road
TS-063308 — In today’s world, privacy and safety are paramount. Being followed by other vehicles during driving can be unnerving and potentially dangerous, leading to privacy leakage and even significant traffic accidents. There is a pressing need for a solution that can detect abnormal following vehicl…
  • College: College of Engineering (COE)
  • Inventors: Sun, Wei; Srinivasan, Kannan
  • Licensing Officer: Randhawa, Davinder

Thermotropic liquid crystal-based sensors for naked-eye detection of SARS-CoV-2 with ultrahigh sensitivity and selectivity
TS-063069 — In the wake of the global pandemic caused by SARS-CoV-2, the need for rapid, accurate, and efficient diagnostic methods for respiratory viral infections has become more critical than ever. Traditional diagnostic methods, while reliable, are often time-consuming, labor-intensive, and lack the neces…
  • College: College of Engineering (COE)
  • Inventors: Wang, Xiaoguang; Qin, Rongjun; Rather, Adil; Xu, Yang
  • Licensing Officer: Randhawa, Davinder

SimPi: A Remote Power Platform for Simulation
TS-059056 — A platform for improving simulations across many industries. Developing real-life simulations of disasters is vital for safety and reducing their financial impact; however, current simulation tools are bulky, expensive to implement, and require advanced technical skills to operate.
Simulations are essential for evaluating the potential impacts of disasters and for creating effective preparedness and response plans to facilitate organized and coordinated actions. Since response plans are not theoretical exercises, they must frequently be tested to be evaluated, adapted, and u…
  • College: College of Medicine (COM)
  • Inventors: Winfield, Scott; Beck, James; Finnegan, Geoff
  • Licensing Officer: Hampton, Andrew

Louie: An Augmented Reality Sensory Trigger Wayfinding System for People with Autism
TS-043077 — An Augmented Reality Sensory Trigger Wayfinding System for People with Autism
Millions of people on the Autism spectrum face challenges getting from place to place due to sensory sensitivities to sounds, sights, smells, tastes, physical feelings, and crowds. Due to these triggers, people with Autism have a strong need to know where they are going and what will be there so t…
  • College: College of Engineering (COE)
  • Inventors: Ezell, Jonathan; Kaufman, Robert; Kaufman, Michael
  • Licensing Officer: Randhawa, Davinder

Matchmaking app for university research personnel, trainees, equipment, and funding opportunities.
TS-040259 — A matchmaking app designed for university research personnel, trainees, equipment, and funding opportunities.
To connect people, resources, and events within a university, individuals create informative materials, such as websites, videos, and flyers. All of these are passive means of outreach require active engagement from individuals on campus. In addition, materials provided for outreach are typically …
  • College: Office of Academic Affairs
  • Inventors: Hiremath, Kedar
  • Licensing Officer: Dahlman, Jason "Jay"

The FoodImage Smartphone App
TS-040080 — FoodImage quantifies food waste in near real-time using images of food products and food waste captured by end users or consumers.
The Need: In the face of mounting environmental concerns and a growing global population, food waste has become a critical issue. It is estimated that billions of tons of food are wasted each year, contributing to greenhouse gas emissions and straining natural resources. Addressing food waste is not…
  • College: College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences (CFAES)
  • Inventors: Roe, Brian; Apolzan, John; Martin, Corby
  • Licensing Officer: Dahlman, Jason "Jay"

Read It Again-Mobile (RIA-M)
TS-039614 — A mobile app version of a widely used preschool language and literacy curriculum.
As the integration of technology in the classroom increases, students are exposed to technology earlier in their academic careers. While math and science courses have adopted technology to educate students, literary curricula, particularly those developed for early-childhood classes, lack electron…
  • College: College of Education & Human Ecology
  • Inventors: Justice, Laura; Logan, Jessica; McGinty, Anita
  • Licensing Officer: Dahlman, Jason "Jay"

Suicide Prevention App
TS-039232 — RUOK: O-H-I-O serves as an application for suicide prevention that offers a 24 hour suicide prevention crisis line based on the user's geolocation.
Suicide prevention has become an absolutely essential health and wellness service to assist many people who are diagnosed with depression. Any tool that can make prevention more effective or more personal, or offers more information for those affected by depression and their loved ones, is a neces…
  • College: College of Education & Human Ecology
  • Inventors: Winger, Wendy; Fullen, Matthew; Granello, Darcy; Hansen, Ryan
  • Licensing Officer: Dahlman, Jason "Jay"

Good Bugs +: Information about Natural Enemies, Pollinators, and Native Plants for Fruit, Vegetable, and Field Crop Growers
TS-036585 — An iOS, Android, and web-derived database on the various forms of life within a garden, and how they interact and affect the success of plants within the garden
There are a growing number of local farmers and agriculturalists looking to provide fresh produce at farmers markets. However, the of lack a centralized source of information that pertains to the often crucial relationship between plants and other forms of life, which could be symbiotic or parasit…
  • College: College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences (CFAES)
  • Inventors: Jasinski, James; Gardiner, Mary; Welty, Celeste
  • Licensing Officer: Dahlman, Jason "Jay"

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