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Electrochemical Method for LiFeAs Superconductor
TS-014875 — Electrochemical method for LiFeAs superconductor preparation suitable for large scale production.
LiFeAs compounds, compared to FeAs materials, do not demonstrate spin-density wave behavior and exhibit superconductivity at ambient pressures without chemical doping. However, the current electrochemical methods to prepare pnictide LiFeAs superconductors require a solid-state reaction at high tem…
  • College: College of Engineering (COE)
  • Inventors: Majoros, Milan; Collings, Edward; Kanuchova, Maria; Sumption, Michael
  • Licensing Officer: Sita, Cordellia

Superior Fault Current Limiter
TS-014732 — Low-cost, high-efficiency superconductors and the scalable methods for their production
Fault current limiters (FCLs) are relatively new devices that are designed for limiting excessive electrical current to an electrical grid or system in the event of an electrical fault. Current FCL designs use cryogenic liquid to maintain superconductor cables at 80 K, this process is costly and e…
  • College: College of Engineering (COE)
  • Inventors: Sumption, Michael; Collings, Edward; Majoros, Milan
  • Licensing Officer: Sita, Cordellia

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