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miRNA detection system and method
TS-046585 — A system for detecting the presence of a target single stranded nucleic acid, such as miRNA, in a fluid sample. The system can be used to target RNA for a variety of different purposes that include diagnostic biomarkers and biomedical research. The expanding uses of RNA make this technology viable for a large number of fields and applications with the potential for the diagnosis of a variety of diseases using bodily fluid samples such as urine, saliva, milk, and blood.
RNA is emerging as a potential component in a plethora of fields. As evidence has been compiled, it is now recognized that RNA plays a major role in human genetics, and is projected to be a major milestone in future drug development. Unfortunately, routine methods of miRNAs, including qPCR and mic…
  • College: College of Pharmacy
  • Inventors: Guo, Peixuan; Vieweger, Mario; Yin, Hongran
  • Licensing Officer: Flammang, Ann Marie

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