Revolutionizing Cancer Research: Unveiling the Dynamics of K-Ras for Targeted Therapies

The Need: Understanding the intricate functions of the K-Ras protein is crucial in combating various types of human cancer. However, the lack of detailed atomic-level information has hindered progress in this area, leaving significant gaps in our comprehension of its roles in health and disease.

The Technology: Our groundbreaking technology utilizes solution nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy to analyze the structural dynamics of K-Ras in its active state. By employing a novel nanoparticle-assisted spin relaxation method, along with relaxation dispersion and chemical exchange saturation transfer experiments, we have achieved unparalleled insights into the behavior of wild-type K-Ras and two oncogenic P-loop mutants (G12D and G12C). This comprehensive approach enables the detection and analysis of critical regions, such as Switch I and Switch II, which have previously eluded observation through conventional methods.

Commercial Applications:

  • Drug development targeting K-Ras mutations in various cancers.
  • Precision medicine approaches for personalized cancer therapies.
  • Biomarker identification for early cancer detection.


  • Enhanced understanding of K-Ras dynamics for more effective drug design.
  • Potential for developing targeted therapies with minimal off-target effects.
  • Facilitation of personalized treatment strategies based on individual genetic profiles.

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