Remembrance & Renewal- Empowering Healthcare Teams with Relationship-Based Care

The Need: In today's healthcare landscape, the management of oncology patients has evolved to resemble that of chronic illness, necessitating a shift towards holistic care models like Relationship-Based Care (RBC). As patients with chronic diseases, including cancer, live longer, healthcare professionals are tasked with managing symptoms and the disease itself while fostering meaningful long-term relationships with their patients. However, this extended care model presents challenges to healthcare staff in maintaining work-life balance and addressing their own spiritual self-care needs.

The Technology: Our initiative implements Relationship-Based Care (RBC) within an academic medical center to address the Quadruple Aim of healthcare, specifically focusing on improving staff work-life balance. RBC is a holistic framework that fosters partnerships in caring across various levels, including patient care, self-care for providers, team dynamics, and community engagement. By integrating RBC principles into our healthcare practices, we aim to enhance the well-being of both patients and healthcare staff.

Commercial Applications:

  • Implementation within academic medical centers
  • Integration into oncology care models
  • Adoption in chronic disease management programs


  • Improved patient-provider relationships leading to better health outcomes
  • Enhanced staff work-life balance and well-being
  • Effective management of chronic diseases, including cancer, through holistic care approaches

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