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Rapid detection and monitoring of visual field loss at home or in the clinic with simple instrumentation
TS-037934 — A kit that lay individuals or healthcare practitioners can use on a tablet or other mobile device to evaluate visual field loss using a rapid, self-administered test.
Individuals with diseases affecting the eye or brain are susceptible to losing parts of their visual field of view. The loss can be central (e.g. AMD), peripheral (e.g. glaucoma) or sectoral (e.g. stroke). Although there are therapy options to address such visual field loss, compromised vision can…
  • College: College of Optometry
  • Inventors: Ooi, Teng Leng "Teng Leng"
  • Licensing Officer: Norris, Francis "Frank"

Head and Gaze Tracking Device for Baseball Training
TS-014762 — A software system optimizing head and eye movement tracking for baseball, softball, tennis, and more
In the game of baseball, pitches can reach 90 mph or higher; at this rate the ball will cross the plate in roughly 420 milliseconds. The batter will have 220-260 milliseconds to track the ball with their gaze before having to swing the bat. Hence the piece of advice; “keep your eye on the ba…
  • College: College of Optometry
  • Inventors: Fogt, Nicklaus
  • Licensing Officer: Norris, Francis "Frank"

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