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Asymmetric Sulfonamide Salts for High-Voltage Li-ion Batteries
TS-041602 — This two-step method synthesizes novel asymmetric sulfonamide based lithium salts that are highly soluble, resulting in a highly-concentrated electrolyte with a large electrochemical window that significantly suppresses aluminum dissolution even in extreme oxidizing conditions.
The market for electric vehicles is steadily increasing; as it continues to grow one problem consistently holding it back is battery capacity. For this market to expand further, methods for storing large amounts of energy safely and affordably must be developed. One approach is to create more capa…
  • College: College of Arts & Sciences
  • Inventors: Wu, Yiying; McCulloch, William
  • Licensing Officer: Randhawa, Davinder

Electrolyte to Enable Reversible Dendrite-Free Potassium Plating and Stripping for Potassium Secondary Batteries
TS-037854 — A novel electrolyte to prevent dendrite growth in potassium air batteries.
The Need Potassium-air batteries have recently emerged as alternative energy storage devices beyond lithium-ion batteries. However, potassium metal anodes suffer from poor reversibility during plating and stripping processes due to their high reactivity and unstable solid electrolyte interphase (SE…
  • College: College of Arts & Sciences
  • Inventors: Wu, Yiying; McCulloch, William; Xiao, Neng
  • Licensing Officer: Randhawa, Davinder

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