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Concept Discovery from Text via Knowledge Transfer
TS-050856 — A better way for systems to organize, file, or index documents or content based on actual or anticipated information needed in the form of a user query or natural language question.
Data Processing and (IT)-related activities, ranging from web hosting to automated data entry services are more important than ever due to the large amounts of data collected through technology. According to IBIS World, "Companies will increasingly capture more data, requiring the outside exp…
  • College: College of Engineering (COE)
  • Inventors: Das, Manirupa; Fosler-Lussier, John Eric; Ramnath, Rajiv
  • Licensing Officer: Hampton, Andrew

GeoGame: Online Map Game for Teaching and Learning through a Real-World Spatial Perspective
TS-038064 — A novel platform that incorporates geographical mapping and satellite images for an interactive, educational game-play environment.
Many educators lament the lack of available resources in the classroom due to limited technology, limited access, insufficient time, or inadequate technical support. Currently, there are both hardware and software barriers that restrict access for many students and schools. Experts have expressed …
  • College: College of Arts & Sciences
  • Inventors: Ahlqvist, Karl "Ola"; Heckler, Andrew; Ramnath, Rajiv
  • Licensing Officer: Hampton, Andrew

Literacy Improvement Software for Urban Learners
TS-015085 — Reading RACES (Relevant and Culturally Engaging Stories) is an educational software for improving the literacy of elementary students.
Literacy is essential to a child's development, opens the door to a brighter future, and is vital for entering the job market. Yet, strikingly, over 45 million adults are functionally illiterate and cannot read above a fifth-grade level, with about half of all adults unable to read at an eighth-…
  • College: College of Education & Human Ecology
  • Inventors: Cartledge, Gwendolyn; Bennett, Jessica; Bishop, Rudine; Damer, Mary; Fosler-Lussier, John Eric; Gardner, Ralph; Keesey, Susan; Lynch, Thomas; Ramnath, Rajiv
  • Licensing Officer: Taysavang, Panya

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