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A Breakthrough in Central Nervous System Repair
TS-062739 — Method to program pericytes for axon regeneration and spinal cord injury repair.
In the realm of central nervous system (CNS) repair, a critical need arises for innovative treatments that not only address the physical aspects of injury but also tackle the associated phychopathology. Understanding the cellular processes that occur after spinal cord injury (SCI) that are detrimen…
  • College: College of Medicine (COM)
  • Inventors: Tedeschi, Andrea
  • Licensing Officer: Schultz, Teri

Drug Delivery System for the Treatment of Neurological Diseases
TS-054464 — Novel drug delivery system that enables efficient transfer of FDA-approved drugs for the treatment of neurological injuries.
Traumatic brain and spinal cord injury cause devastating neurological deficits and long-term disability due to detrimental structural and functional alteration in neuronal circuits. Treatment of brain injury and neurological disorders has traditionally been challenging due to the inability to deli…
  • College: College of Engineering (COE)
  • Inventors: Lannutti, John; Fan, Fan; Tedeschi, Andrea
  • Licensing Officer: Schultz, Teri

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