Pressure Resistant pH Meter

A novel device for measurement of pH over a wide range of pressures and in electrically noisy environments

The Need

Accurate pH measurement is a critical analytical activity across various industries. However, existing pH sensors are not suitable for operation under extreme pressure conditions, limiting their applicability. Moreover, the presence of electrical interference in high-pressure environments results in noisy signals, obscuring the sensor readings. Current methods that attempt to calculate pH under pressure lack experimental verification, making them less reliable. There is a clear need for a pH sensor that can operate effectively in high-pressure environments and withstand challenging conditions while delivering precise and reproducible measurements.

The Technology

The innovative pH sensor presented in this invention addresses the challenges faced by conventional sensors in extreme pressure and electrically "noisy" environments. The technology leverages the principle that the electrical conductivity of an electrolytic solution can be related to pH if hydrogen ions' flux is selectively filtered. To achieve this, the sensor employs a combination of proton-conducting membranes and reverse osmosis membranes. By selectively allowing only hydrogen ions to pass through, the sensor can accurately measure pH even in high-pressure situations.

Commercial Applications

  • Oil & Gas Industry: Accurate pH measurement is vital in oil and gas exploration, refining, and processing. This technology enables real-time pH monitoring of fluids under high-pressure conditions in drilling and production operations.
  • Food Processing: pH control is critical in various food processing applications, such as fermentations and product quality assurance. This sensor allows precise pH measurements even in opaque food samples subjected to high pressures during processing.
  • Pharmaceuticals: In pharmaceutical manufacturing, pH plays a crucial role in product stability and efficacy. This pH sensor can be applied in high-pressure processes involved in drug synthesis and formulation.
  • Environmental Monitoring: pH measurement is essential in environmental studies and water quality assessment. This technology can be employed in underwater pH monitoring at great depths, where conventional sensors are limited.
  • Research & Development: The pH sensor finds applications in high-pressure experiments across scientific research fields, where reliable pH measurement is necessary to understand reactions under extreme conditions.


  • High-Pressure Compatibility: The pH sensor operates seamlessly under extreme pressure conditions up to 850 MPa, with some models capable of exceeding 1000 MPa, making it ideal for various high-pressure applications.
  • Noise Immunity: By effectively filtering out other ions and focusing solely on hydrogen ions, the sensor eliminates electrical interference, delivering clear and accurate pH readings in electrically "noisy" environments.
  • Reproducibility: The technology offers consistent and reproducible results, eliminating the need for multiple pressurization cycles, as seen with conventional sensors.
  • Versatility: This pH sensor can be used with a wide range of sample types, including opaque materials, expanding its applicability to various industries and research settings.
  • Longevity: The sensor's construction using flexible, electrically-insulating materials ensures durability and prolonged operational life, making it a reliable investment for long-term use.

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