Method to Synthesize Ceratamine A and B and Analogs Thereof

A chemical process to produce ceratamine A and B.

The Need

The natural products ceratamines A and B were isolated from a marine sponge in minute quantities and shown to have potent anti-tumor activity. Due to the insufficient sample size and subsequent lack of availability of the producing sponge, evaluation was incomplete. Thus, the clinical potential needs further study before these agents can be implemented in the treatment of cancer.

The Technology

Researchers at the The Ohio State University, led by Robert Coleman, have developed a method of synthesizing ceratamine A and B. This process starts with simple, commercially available compounds, which then go through a series of straight forward chemical transformations. The process generates gram quantities of ceratamine A and B, suitable for biological and clinical applications.

Commercial Applications

  • Oncology therapeutics
  • Chemical Synthesis


  • Gram sized ceratamine A and B production
  • Utilizes commercially available compounds

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