Composition and oral delivery of nanoparticle based Salmonella vaccine for poultry

A Salmonella oral vaccine to provide mucosal immunity and reduce bacterial shedding in poultry.

The Need

Fifteen of every 100,000 people will contract salmonellosis annually in the United States, with a related cost of $3.6 million in economic and medical expenses. A single outbreak can quickly increase these costs - Alamosa, CO paid over $2.6 million in 2008 following an outbreak. The disease comes from poultry fecal material containing Salmonella that is transmitted to raw meat, eggs, and produce. Salmonella can also be spread through contaminated drinking water or by touching animals, such as chickens, carrying the bacteria.

Antibiotics are a common medical treatment, but some strains are becoming resistant to current drugs. An alternative is to reduce instances of salmonellosis by eradicating the bacteria at the source - namely by using a vaccine. Current vaccines, however, are not effective at combating the intestinal infection; therefore, an oral vaccine that can reach the gut would help combat spread of Salmonella at the source.

The Technology

Dr. Gourapura and collaborators at The Ohio State University have developed an innovative Salmonella oral vaccine that provides mucosal immunity and reduces bacterial shedding in poultry. The vaccine elicited a mucosal IgA response and substantially reduced colonization and shedding of challenged Salmonella. The technology has been successfully tested in layer birds and the researchers are developing an option of broiler birds as well.

Commercial Applications

  • Salmonella vaccine to reduce outbreaks and spreading of the bacteria

Benefits/ Advantages

  • Can protect birds before the disease, rather than trying to treat birds already infected
  • Vaccine goes directly to gut, to better target mucosal immune response
  • Potent method reduces colonization and shedding of Salmonella
  • Reduce waste of infected birds, saving money for poultry farmers


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