Blending Proteins for Improved Functionality

Although demand for natural, high-quality, and preservative-free protein beverages is growing, current methods for producing these products are limited. Therefore, new approaches that generate highly tunable and natural products are needed to support health-promoting lifestyles.

The Need

Consumers have substantial demand for customizable liquid foods, beverages, and dietary solutions that will help them more aggressively meet their unique nutrition and personal health goals. While there are many methods for producing various formulations, there is high interest in liquid foods with minimal or no preservatives. Hence, there is an unmet need to develop new technologies that can help increase the quality and availability of clean-label liquid foods.

The Technology

Dr. Balasubramaniam and his colleagues have developed a novel application of high pressure and ultra-shear to obtain a homogenous stable liquid blend of plant and dairy prortein. The process can also create different textured liquids based on the desired end-product. The inventors have reduced the idea to practice through laboratory-scale and showed the ability to produce stable liquid foods with variable textures.

Commercial Applications

Production of healthy, preservative-free clean-label protein drinks, sauces and beverages with improved functionality.


This technology enables the formulations of preservative-free stable protein beverages, sauces,food emulsions and sports drinks. In addition, it can be used to create spreads, gels, egg and cheese products, and ice cream formulations.



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