SimPi: A Remote Power Platform for Simulation

A platform for improving simulations across many industries.

Developing real-life simulations of disasters is vital for safety and reducing their financial impact; however, current simulation tools are bulky, expensive to implement, and require advanced technical skills to operate.

The Need

Simulations are essential for evaluating the potential impacts of disasters and for creating effective preparedness and response plans to facilitate organized and coordinated actions. Since response plans are not theoretical exercises, they must frequently be tested to be evaluated, adapted, and updated before and after an actual event. They are also excellent resources for training, evaluating tools and procedures, decision-making exercises, developing teamwork, and inter-and intra-sectoral coordination.

Conventional simulation management products have limited control, high power requirements, and lack portability. Many of these devices also lack an easy programming language and straightforward user interface. Hence, there is an unmet need to develop new simulation tools to effectively mitigate disasters and improve the safety of those affected.

The Technology

This technology (SimPi) describes a portable device that utilizes a mobile application interface to control and sequence events via AC/DC power, sensor inputs, and signal outputs. It also has network connectivity, requires minimal power to operate, and has a straightforward programming language that is easy to learn and manipulate. SimPi has been reduced into a prototype and tested for simulating a fire within an operating room during a procedure using anesthesia.

Commercial Applications

  • operational readiness
  • product & vehicle testing
  • personnel training
  • medical procedures
  • disaster training
  • entertainment special effects creation


  • small, portable, and scalable platform using off-the-shelf components
  • reduces the dangers of poorly coordinated simulations
  • decreases costs
  • easy to use
  • suitable for many different industrial applications
  • open integration with other platforms

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