A Non-Chemical Method for Algal Bloom Treatment and Prevention

SS+MEF technology to both prevent and treat algal bloom growth, as well as neutralize algal toxins.

The Need
Climate change and human practices have led to an increased frequency and intensity of Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs). These HABs, particularly those dominated by cyanobacteria, produce harmful toxins, which result in serious health issues when ingested, inhaled, or contacted. The stability of these toxins in water, also makes them persistent and challenging to manage. A sustainable, scalable, and environmentally friendly technology is needed to control not only the growth of HABs but to also eliminate their harmful toxic byproducts.

The Technology
OSU inventors have optimized the combination of Shear Stress (SS) and Moderate Electric Fields (MEF), referred to as SS+MEF technology to 1) effectively manage cyanobacterial, and thus HAB, growth as well as 2) degrade harmful cyanotoxins like microcystin.

Commercial Applications
The SS+MEF technology in different aquatic contexts stands to benefit industries like:
Industrial Water Management: Prevent equipment damage, maintaining efficient operation.
• Aquaculture: Healthier aquatic environments and improved fish yield.
• Recreation: Keep bodies of water clean and safe for swim and play.
• Drinking Water Treatment: Keep community water clean and safe.
Environmental Conservation: Protect ecosystems and wildlife.

The SS+MEF technology offers several compelling benefits and advantages:
No leftover additives: no potential by-products or residues are left in the water after treatment.
Scalability: can be scaled up or down depending on water body size, from small-scale reservoirs to vast freshwater lakes.

Improved water safety: Neutralization of not just the HAB, but also the harmful microcystin toxins, significantly reduces health risks associated with HABs, protecting both humans and wildlife.
• Cost-Effective: a cost-effective solution for water treatment that both treats and prevents HABs.
Versatility: Adaptable to various water bodies and algal species.

The revolutionary SS+MEF technology offers an advanced and sustainable approach to combat the escalating threats posed by HABs. By effectively managing HABs, this innovative solution ensures the protection of public health, the environment, and economic activities reliant on clean and safe water sources.

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