Compounds that enhance the desirable flavor of coffee

The Need

In the rapidly evolving specialty coffee industry, the demand for higher flavor quality coffee has become a key driver for success. Coffee producers and retailers are facing the challenge of consistently delivering exceptional coffee experiences to meet the discerning tastes of consumers. However, there is a lack of comprehensive knowledge regarding the chemical drivers of coffee flavor quality, which hinders efforts to improve and modify various sensory aspects in coffee products. There is a critical need for innovative compounds and compositions that can effectively modulate flavors in consumables like foods and beverages, particularly in coffee products. To address these challenges, a breakthrough technology has been developed, offering a promising solution to elevate coffee quality to new heights.

The Technology

The cutting-edge technology is centered around compounds and compositions that possess the unique ability to modify and enhance body, mouthfeel, chalkiness, and other sensory attributes in coffee products. These proprietary compounds have been meticulously developed to interact with the complex mixture of coffee compounds, whether endogenous to the green coffee beans or generated during post-harvest fermentation or roasting steps. By leveraging these compounds, coffee producers can unlock the full potential of their coffee beans and create exceptional brews that consistently achieve higher Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) cup scores.

Commercial Applications

This groundbreaking technology finds numerous applications in the specialty coffee industry, enabling producers and retailers to:

  • Enhance Coffee Quality: Elevate the overall flavor profile of coffee brews, thereby increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Convert Lower Quality to Premium: Transform lesser quality coffee beans into high-grade, premium coffee products that fetch higher retail prices.
  • Create Signature Blends: Craft distinctive coffee blends with consistent sensory attributes, establishing unique brand identities.
  • Improve Product Differentiation: Gain a competitive edge by offering coffee products with superior body, mouthfeel, and overall taste.
  • Cater to Specialty Markets: Seamlessly address the evolving tastes of specialty coffee consumers, meeting the demands of the "third wave of coffee" era.


Implementing this revolutionary technology offers several advantages that lead to improved coffee quality and overall business success:

  • Consistency and Reliability: Achieve consistent coffee flavor profiles, ensuring customers receive the same exceptional experience with each cup.
  • Scientific Precision: Leverage data-driven insights from chemical drivers to fine-tune coffee attributes, resulting in targeted flavor modifications.
  • Market Leadership: Stay ahead in the competitive coffee landscape by embracing cutting-edge technology that appeals to discerning coffee enthusiasts.
  • Sustainability and Cost-Efficiency: Optimize the use of coffee beans by enhancing quality and transforming lower-grade beans, reducing waste and maximizing returns.
  • Consumer Appeal: Attract and retain a loyal customer base by offering exceptional coffee products with unparalleled taste, aroma, and mouthfeel.

In conclusion, this pioneering technology represents a significant leap forward in the specialty coffee industry. With its ability to modulate flavors and enhance coffee quality, it empowers coffee producers and retailers to meet the demands of discerning consumers, secure market leadership, and unlock new opportunities for growth and success. Embrace the future of coffee excellence with this innovative solution.


Patent # Title Country
63/343,745 PEPTIDYL FLAVOR MODIFIERS United States of America

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