Ultrawide bandgap oxide semiconductor LiGaO2 with p-type conductivity for power device applications

The Need

In the realm of power electronics, the industry is seeking advanced semiconductor materials that can address the ever-growing demand for high power density and high-frequency applications. Beta phase gallium oxide (β-Ga2O3) with an ultrawide bandgap (UWBG) of approximately 4.8 eV emerges as a promising solution. However, one significant challenge is the lack of p-type conductivity in Ga2O3, a limitation that hinders its full utilization in power electronic devices.

The Technology

Our groundbreaking technology involves the integration of β-Ga2O3 with an ultrawide bandgap alongside Li-poor LiGaO2, an UWBG semiconductor that possesses p-type conductivity. By forming a hetero pn junction using these materials, we overcome the fundamental issue of the absence of p-type Ga2O3. This innovative approach unlocks a world of possibilities for the design and development of power electronic devices with unmatched performance.

Commercial Applications

Our technology presents a myriad of commercial applications, including but not limited to:

  • High-power semiconductor devices for efficient energy conversion
  • High-frequency electronic components for cutting-edge communication systems
  • Power modules for electric vehicles and renewable energy systems
  • Robust optoelectronic devices for advanced sensing and imaging solutions
  • Compact and powerful electronics for aerospace and defense applications


The utilization of β-Ga2O3 in conjunction with Li-poor LiGaO2 offers a host of compelling benefits and advantages, including:

  • Pioneering the path towards p-type Ga2O3, overcoming a major roadblock in its application
  • Enabling high-power density and high-frequency performance in a wide range of devices
  • Providing a scalable and high-quality solution for power electronic applications
  • Facilitating the development of compact and efficient power electronics for various industries
  • Expanding the capabilities of optoelectronic technologies through novel device designs

In summary, our technology revolutionizes the potential of β-Ga2O3 as a semiconductor material, and the integration of Li-poor LiGaO2 with p-type conductivity opens doors to a new era of high-performance power electronic devices with unprecedented applications and advantages.

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