Invention of ultra-wide bandgap oxide semiconductor with p-type conductivity

The Need

In the realm of power device technologies, addressing the growing demand for efficient, high-performance semiconductors is paramount. The current gap in the availability of a p-type β-Ga2O3 semiconductor poses a significant challenge, hindering the progress of device fabrication methods. To meet this commercial need, our innovative solution introduces an ultra-wide bandgap semiconductor, LixGayOz, demonstrating exceptional p-type conductivity. This breakthrough not only overcomes existing limitations but also paves the way for more efficient and advanced power devices.

The Technology

Our technology, LixGayOz, is a groundbreaking ultra-wide bandgap semiconductor designed to address the absence of p-type conductivity in β-Ga2O3. Utilizing a customized mist chemical vapor deposition (CVD) technique, we have successfully grown films of LixGayOz with a composition rich in Li. This achievement marks a crucial advancement in semiconductor technology, as it provides the missing link for the development of power devices that can capitalize on the unique properties of β-Ga2O3.

Commercial Applications

  • High-Efficiency Power Transistors: LixGayOz enables the creation of high-performance power transistors, optimizing energy conversion and efficiency.

  • Next-Generation Solar Cells: The ultra-wide bandgap of LixGayOz makes it an ideal candidate for enhancing the performance of solar cells, improving overall energy harvesting capabilities.

  • Advanced LED Technology: Leveraging the p-type conductivity of LixGayOz opens up new possibilities for more efficient and brighter LED designs.

  • Power Electronics in Electric Vehicles: The technology finds application in the development of power electronics for electric vehicles, contributing to improved battery management and energy utilization.

  • 5G Infrastructure Components: LixGayOz can enhance the efficiency of components used in 5G infrastructure, facilitating faster and more reliable data transmission.


  • Unprecedented P-Type Conductivity: LixGayOz introduces a novel p-type ultra-wide bandgap semiconductor, filling a critical gap in power device technology.

  • Enhanced Device Fabrication: The use of an oxide material prevents interfacial oxidation reactions, streamlining and enhancing device fabrication processes.

  • Controllable Doping: The ability to control doping in LixGayOz provides flexibility in tailoring the semiconductor's properties for specific applications.

  • High Quality, Large-Diameter Wafers: The availability of large-diameter wafers ensures scalability and cost-effectiveness in the manufacturing process.

  • Increased Efficiency in Power Devices: The successful demonstration of p-type conductivity opens the door to the development of power devices with unprecedented efficiency and performance.

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