Small molecules that suppress heat/pain perception

The Need

In the culinary and pharmaceutical realms, the need for a groundbreaking solution to modulate flavor and alleviate sensory perceptions is crucial. Businesses seek innovative ways to enhance consumer experiences by addressing pungency in foods and alleviating burn or pain sensations in pharmaceuticals. This technology meets the commercial need for novel ingredients that redefine flavor profiles and pharmaceutical formulations, offering a unique edge in product development.

The Technology

Our revolutionary technology identifies three compounds in chili peppers that effectively suppress pungency perception without introducing any additional flavors. These flavorless compounds, categorized as flavor modulators, provide a game-changing approach to altering taste experiences. Unlike traditional methods, these compounds have not been previously reported for their impact on pungency flavor perception, making them a truly novel and unexplored solution.

Commercial Applications

  • Culinary Innovation:

    • Enhance consumer enjoyment by reducing the pungency of spicy foods without compromising taste.
    • Create new product variations with milder flavor profiles to appeal to a broader audience.
  • Pharmaceutical Advancements:

    • Develop analgesic formulations with reduced burn, pain, or irritation perception for improved patient comfort.
    • Innovate in over-the-counter and prescription medications to enhance user experience.
  • Functional Beverages:

    • Incorporate the technology into beverage formulations to reduce the intensity of spicy or pungent notes.
  • Snack Industry:

    • Improve the palatability of snacks by incorporating the flavor modulators to reduce heat intensity.


  • Enhanced Consumer Appeal:

    • Broaden product appeal by offering options with reduced pungency, catering to diverse taste preferences.
  • Innovative Product Development:

    • Stay ahead in the culinary and pharmaceutical industries with a cutting-edge technology not previously explored.
  • Improved Patient Experience:

    • Redefine pain management by formulating pharmaceuticals with reduced burn and irritation.
  • Versatile Application:

    • Adapt the technology across various food and pharmaceutical products for comprehensive market reach.
  • Unprecedented Flavor Customization:

    • Provide chefs, product developers, and formulators with a unique tool for crafting tailored taste experiences.

Elevate your products to new heights with our pioneering technology that redefines flavor modulation and pain perception in both culinary and pharmaceutical applications.

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