Revolutionizing Pharmaceutical Synthesis: Advancements in Metal-Catalyzed Coupling Technology

The Need

In the pharmaceutical industry, the synthesis of complex organic substrates is crucial for the development of life-saving medications. However, traditional metal-catalyzed coupling reactions often face significant challenges when applied to these complex substrates, leading to high failure rates and inhibiting the synthesis, evaluation, and commercialization of potential pharmaceuticals. As the structural complexity of drugs continues to increase, there is an urgent need for a more reliable and efficient method to functionalize these molecules and improve the synthesis of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs).

The Technology

Our groundbreaking technology offers a solution to the limitations of traditional metal-catalyzed coupling reactions. With a focus on coupling vinyl-, aryl-, and heteroaryl halides with alkyl bromides, activated alkyl carboxylic acids, and activated alkyl amines, this platform provides a robust and general approach for the rapid diversification of complex molecules. Key features include a ligand architecture on Nickel (Ni) that enables the formation of highly-persistent and isolable metal complexes, efficient radical capture at Ni, and cost-effectiveness. This technology enables access to organic compounds on previously unattainable scales, making it particularly suitable for high-throughput screening and combinatorial chemistry.

Commercial Applications

  • High-throughput screening in drug discovery
  • Combinatorial chemistry for rapid generation of derivatives
  • Synthesis of complex organic substrates for pharmaceuticals


  • Improved reliability and efficiency in metal-catalyzed coupling reactions
  • Expanded capabilities for functionalizing complex molecules
  • Cost-effective approach for synthesis on larger scales
  • Facilitates high-throughput evaluation of potential pharmaceuticals
  • Enables the synthesis of organic compounds previously deemed impossible to achieve

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