Revolutionizing Hydrogen Production and CO2 Capture for a Sustainable Future

The Need:

In the face of pressing environmental concerns and the imperative for sustainable energy solutions, there arises a critical commercial need for systems and methods that can efficiently produce hydrogen (H2) while simultaneously capturing and converting carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. Traditional methods fall short in addressing both these needs comprehensively, necessitating innovative approaches to combat climate change and meet energy demands.

The Technology:

Our Technology comprises systems and methods which offer a pioneering solution by integrating tandem hydrogen production and CO2 capture in an electrochemical framework. By leveraging electrochemical processes, CO2 is dissolved in water and subjected to an electrochemical potential, facilitating the evolution of H2 and the conversion of CO2 to carbonate mineral. This revolutionary approach not only addresses environmental concerns but also offers a viable pathway towards sustainable energy production.

Commercial Applications:

  • Industrial hydrogen production with simultaneous CO2 capture and conversion.
  • Integration into renewable energy systems to enhance sustainability.
  • Deployment in carbon-intensive industries like steel and cement production for emissions reduction.


  • Significantly reduces carbon footprint by capturing CO2 emissions.
  • Enables efficient production of hydrogen, a clean energy carrier.
  • Offers versatility for integration into various industrial processes.
  • Contributes to the transition towards a low-carbon economy.
  • Enhances environmental stewardship and corporate sustainability efforts.

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