MicroRNA profile predicts colon cancer prognosis

The Need:

Colon cancer remains one of the most prevalent and lethal forms of cancer worldwide. Timely and accurate diagnosis is critical for effective treatment and improved patient outcomes. Current diagnostic methods often lack the precision and sensitivity needed for early detection and prognosis assessment, leading to delayed interventions and suboptimal outcomes.

The Technology:

Our revolutionary technology offers a comprehensive solution for diagnosing colon cancer-related diseases with unparalleled accuracy and efficiency. By targeting specific miR gene products, our method enables precise assessment of a subject's risk, prognosis, and disease status through simple and minimally invasive tests, such as blood, tissue, or fecal samples. Leveraging advanced molecular techniques, including microarray hybridization and gene expression analysis, our technology provides a robust platform for early detection and personalized treatment strategies.

Commercial Applications:

  • Early detection and screening programs for colon cancer-related diseases
  • Prognostic assessment and personalized treatment planning for patients with colon cancer
  • Monitoring disease progression and treatment response in clinical trials and research studies


  • Superior accuracy and sensitivity compared to traditional diagnostic methods
  • Non-invasive sample collection, reducing patient discomfort and procedural risks
  • Enables early intervention and personalized treatment strategies, improving patient outcomes
  • Facilitates research advancements in understanding colon cancer biology and therapeutic development
  • Streamlines healthcare workflows with efficient and scalable diagnostic solutions.

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