Empowering Financial Wellness: Scarlet and Gray Financial's Innovative Solutions

The Need

In today's dynamic financial landscape, individuals, especially students, require personalized and accessible financial guidance to navigate their financial journey effectively. Scarlet and Gray Financial recognizes the pressing need for tailored peer-to-peer financial coaching to empower students in managing their finances confidently and responsibly.

The Technology

Scarlet and Gray Financial introduces a suite of innovative tools to revolutionize the student financial coaching experience. The SGF Appointment Guide streamlines 1:1 coaching sessions, providing a structured framework for meaningful discussions between student clients and peer financial coaches. Additionally, the SGF Personal Development Plan facilitates ongoing training and growth for peer coaches, ensuring they remain adept at addressing diverse financial needs. Complementing these tools, the SGF Leadership Development Program Curriculum offers a comprehensive 11-week training platform to equip undergraduate students with the skills and knowledge to become proficient peer financial coaches.

Commercial Applications

  • Student financial coaching services in universities and colleges
  • Financial wellness programs in corporate settings
  • Community-based financial empowerment initiatives


  • Personalized financial guidance tailored to individual student needs
  • Continuous professional development for peer financial coaches
  • Scalable training program to meet the growing demand for financial coaching

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