Student Success Dashboard: Transforming Education Through Data-Driven Support

Ohio Student Success Dashboard: Revolutionizing Student Support

The Need: Ohio and the national economy are undergoing a transformative shift, where traditional high school education no longer guarantees success in the job market. With nearly 60% of jobs requiring additional training beyond a high school diploma, opportunities for high school dropouts are diminishing rapidly. The demand for postsecondary credentials is rising, making it imperative for students to graduate with the skills necessary for success in fields like advanced manufacturing, healthcare, and STEM.

The Technology: The Ohio Student Success Dashboard is a groundbreaking technology designed to address the critical issue of student disengagement and academic struggle. By leveraging comprehensive data analysis and individualized student support, the Dashboard empowers educators to identify at-risk students, track their progress, and implement targeted interventions. It seamlessly integrates with existing district systems, providing educators with a centralized platform to monitor academic, disciplinary, and attendance metrics. With real-time insights and intuitive interfaces, the Dashboard revolutionizes student support strategies.

Commercial Applications:

  • Empowering educators to identify at-risk students and intervene proactively.
  • Providing comprehensive data analysis to track student progress and performance.
  • Integrating with existing district systems to streamline administrative processes.
  • Supporting individualized student planning and academic counseling.
  • Enhancing collaboration between educators, students, and parents to foster student success.


  • Holistic Student Support: The Dashboard offers a comprehensive view of student data, enabling educators to address academic, disciplinary, and attendance challenges holistically.
  • Proactive Intervention: By identifying at-risk students early, educators can implement targeted interventions to support their academic success and prevent dropout.
  • Data-Driven Decision-Making: The Dashboard equips educators with actionable insights, enabling data-driven decision-making to improve student outcomes.
  • Seamless Integration: With seamless integration into existing district systems, the Dashboard enhances efficiency and effectiveness in student support efforts.
  • Enhanced Collaboration: By facilitating collaboration between educators, students, and parents, the Dashboard fosters a supportive learning environment conducive to student success.

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