Method for increasing English literacy through professional development with K-20 teachers

The Need: In a rapidly evolving educational landscape, the demand for effective English language instruction in India is more pressing than ever. Yet, many educators face significant challenges in engaging students in meaningful conversations and writing exercises that align with their curriculum. The need for a comprehensive solution that not only supports teachers in facilitating English language learning but also empowers students to actively participate in their own education is paramount.

The Technology: Our innovative program offers a holistic approach to English language instruction in India. It provides curriculum and instructional support tailored to the needs of teachers, enabling them to effectively engage students in conversations and writing exercises aligned with their curriculum. Featuring customizable templates, the program fosters higher levels of literacy engagement among students. Furthermore, our unique train-the-trainer model ensures that educators receive the necessary guidance and support to implement the curriculum with fidelity.

Commercial Applications:

  • Classroom instruction enhancement for English language teachers.
  • Professional development for educators seeking to improve English language instruction.
  • Integration into existing educational platforms for supplementary language learning.
  • Adaptation for corporate training programs focusing on English language proficiency.
  • Expansion into other regions with a demand for English language education.


  • Empowers teachers to effectively engage students in English language learning.
  • Enhances student literacy engagement through tailored curriculum templates.
  • Enables scalability and sustainability through the train-the-trainer model.
  • Provides a comprehensive solution for schools seeking to improve English language instruction.
  • Supports the development of critical communication skills essential for academic and professional success.

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