Partnerships for Literacy (P4L): Bridging Communities for Enhanced Literacy

The Need: In today's educational landscape, fostering meaningful partnerships between schools and families is paramount to enhancing literacy levels among students. However, many schools face challenges in creating sustained, goal-oriented engagements that develop the capacity of educators and families alike. Partnerships for Literacy (P4L) addresses this pressing need by offering a systematic approach to family and community engagement, aimed at improving literacy outcomes for all students.

The Technology: P4L is a comprehensive binder of resources designed to facilitate impactful partnerships between schools, families, and communities. It provides a structured framework for sustained engagement, fostering continuity from school to home for students and families. Regional specialists offer coaching support to implement effective engagement practices, focusing on language and literacy development. P4L empowers educators and families to collaboratively create locally-aligned plans, utilizing community resources and embedding family engagement within school improvement processes.

Commercial Applications:

  • Implementation of locally-developed plans aligned with school-focused strategies.
  • Formation of sustainable, representative family-teacher teams linked to school leadership.
  • Integration of effective family engagement practices into school improvement initiatives.


  • Enhanced literacy outcomes through systematic and sustained engagement efforts.
  • Empowerment of educators and families to co-create tailored strategies.
  • Compliance with various Ohio policies, funding sources, and improvement frameworks.
  • Strengthening of shared leadership and community connections within schools.
  • Facilitation of meaningful partnerships to support diverse student populations effectively.

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