RocketTechs: Igniting Entrepreneurial Ventures

The Need: In today's rapidly evolving technological landscape, bridging the gap between innovative university technologies and entrepreneurial leaders is paramount. However, existing platforms often lack the efficiency and user-friendliness required for effective matchmaking. RocketTechs addresses this need by providing a dynamic iOS mobile application tailored to streamline the process of connecting startup entrepreneurs with university technologies, thereby facilitating swift market penetration.

The Technology: RocketTechs revolutionizes technology transfer by offering a user-friendly platform where entrepreneurs can effortlessly browse through available university technologies. Through a seamless interface, entrepreneurs can create profiles detailing their expertise, industry interests, and desired roles. Leveraging advanced algorithms, the app facilitates precise matches between entrepreneurs and technologies, significantly reducing the time-to-market for groundbreaking innovations.

Commercial Applications:

  • Facilitating efficient matchmaking between entrepreneurs and university technologies
  • Enhancing collaboration between university tech transfer offices, government entities, and corporate partners
  • Streamlining the process of technology commercialization and market entry


  • User-friendly interface promotes engagement and adoption among entrepreneurs and technology transfer professionals
  • Accelerates the commercialization of university technologies, fostering innovation and economic growth
  • Enables precise matching based on industry interests and roles, ensuring mutually beneficial partnerships
  • Increases the visibility of university technologies to a broader audience of potential business leaders
  • Provides valuable insights through data tracking, enabling continuous optimization and improvement of the platform.

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