3D printed Elm leaves to show Elm Zigzag Sawfly (Aproceros leucopoda) larval feeding damage.

The Need: In today's agricultural landscape, precise identification and monitoring of pest damage are paramount for maintaining crop health and maximizing yields. Traditional methods often fall short in accurately assessing and addressing the impact of pests like the Elm Zigzag Sawfly (Aproceros leucopoda) on valuable foliage. There exists a critical need for innovative solutions that provide rapid and detailed insights into pest-induced damage, enabling proactive pest management strategies.

The Technology: Introducing 3D printed Elm leaves engineered to showcase distinct feeding damage caused by Elm Zigzag Sawfly larvae. These intricately designed replicas accurately mimic the unique patterns of damage inflicted by the pest, providing a visual reference for precise identification and assessment. Crafted with advanced 3D printing techniques, each leaf replica captures the intricate details of larval feeding, allowing for easy recognition and analysis by agricultural professionals and researchers alike.

Commercial Applications:

  • Pest management training and education programs.
  • Research and development of targeted pest control methods.
  • Agricultural extension services for farmers and growers.
  • Quality control assessments in nurseries and botanical gardens.
  • Environmental impact studies and ecological research.


  • Enhanced accuracy in identifying Elm Zigzag Sawfly damage.
  • Facilitates early detection and intervention against pest infestations.
  • Streamlines assessment processes, saving time and resources.
  • Enables informed decision-making for pest control strategies.
  • Promotes sustainable agricultural practices through proactive management.

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