Novel Antibodies Targeting IL-2

Novel antibodies targeting IL-2 with the ability to inhibit IL-2 signaling through IL-2 Rαβg to a greater extent than through IL-2 Rβg.

IL-2 and its receptor IL-2R are known to play multiple roles in shaping the immune response, including both immune activation and tolerance. Expression of intermediate-affinity IL-2 receptors by different immune cell subsets determines cellular sensitivity to IL-2. However, the dynamic interplay between IL-2 and IL-2R and various immune cells and their dual roles in shaping the immune response presents a complex landscape for clinical exploitation.

The Need

There is a pressing need for effective treatment options for conditions associated with IL-2 signaling, such as cancer and autoimmune disorders. Current treatments often fall short in providing adequate clinical response and immune modulation. IL-2 antibodies offer a promising solution by targeting specific pathways involved in disease progression and immune dysfunction.

The Technology

Researchers at The Ohio State University have developed novel IL-2 antibodies designed to bind human IL-2, modulating its signaling pathways and improving clinical outcomes. These antibodies have differential effects on IL-2 binding to its receptors, offering targeted therapy options. With high affinity and specificity, these novel IL-2 antibodies inhibit IL-2 signaling through various receptor chains, including IL-2 Rα and IL-2 Rβg.

Commercial Applications

  • Treatment of cancer, including melanoma, renal cell carcinoma, lymphoma, and breast cancer.
  • Management of autoimmune disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis.
  • Therapeutic intervention in conditions associated with increased IL-2 or IL-2R expression/activity.


  • Targeted Therapy: IL-2 antibodies specifically inhibit IL-2 signaling pathways, minimizing off-target effects.
  • Enhanced Clinical Response: By modulating IL-2 activity, these antibodies offer improved outcomes in cancer and autoimmune disorders.
  • High Specificity: IL-2 antibodies selectively target IL-2 receptors, ensuring precise therapeutic intervention.
  • Potential for Immune Modulation: IL-2 antibodies may enhance immune response, making them valuable in treating a range of conditions.

Issued US Patent

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