Spray Acid Wet Scrubbers to Recover Ammonia Emission from Poultry

A novel, cost effective ammonia scrubber for use in commercial poultry facilities.

The Need: Reducing Ammonia Emissions for Environmental and Agricultural Benefits

Ammonia (NH3) emissions from animal waste pose a significant threat to human and animal health, while also contributing to environmental degradation, such as ecosystem acidification, water eutrophication, and the formation of harmful particulate matter. Current solutions, like packed-bed scrubbers, are effective but cannot be integrated with existing ventilation fans used in animal production facilities, hindering their widespread adoption. There is a clear need for an innovative technology that can efficiently remove and capture ammonia emissions from animal waste while working in conjunction with ventilation fans commonly found in animal production facilities, such as poultry waste composting houses.

The Technology: An Effective Method for Ammonia Gas Removal

The technology is a novel method for removing ammonia from gas streams. The process involves dividing the gas into multiple separate streams and spraying an aqueous sulfuric acid solution into these streams. The sulfuric acid concentration typically ranges from 0.6% w/v to 2% w/v, and the gas streams are directed vertically at a speed of approximately 3 to 15 feet per second. The sprayed acid reacts with the ammonia in the gas, resulting in the formation of an aqueous ammonium sulfate solution. The method operates efficiently at gas ammonia concentrations of 10 to 400 ppmv.

Commercial Applications: Versatility for Various Industries

The technology's applications span across several industries, providing versatile solutions for ammonia emission reduction:

  • Animal Agriculture: Mitigating ammonia emissions from animal waste in poultry houses, pig farms, and other livestock production facilities.
  • Waste Management: Reducing ammonia emissions in waste treatment and composting processes.
  • Industrial Emissions: Managing ammonia emissions from industrial processes and facilities.

Benefits/Advantages: Why Choose Our Technology

The technology offers numerous benefits and advantages that set it apart from existing solutions:

  • High Efficiency: The method's ability to effectively remove ammonia at low concentrations ensures optimum results.
  • Integration with Existing Systems: Its compatibility with current ventilation fans in animal production facilities allows for easy adoption and implementation.
  • Environmentally Beneficial: By capturing ammonia in the form of ammonium sulfate solution, the technology helps recycle nitrogen as a valuable fertilizer source, contributing to sustainable agriculture practices.
  • Cost-Effective: With its straightforward design and minimal equipment requirements, the technology offers a cost-effective solution for ammonia emission control.
  • Scalability: Suitable for various gas stream volumes, the technology can be tailored to fit different facility sizes and demands.

With its innovative approach to ammonia emission reduction, our technology offers a reliable and efficient solution for industries seeking to enhance environmental sustainability and meet regulatory compliance standards. Invest in the future of emission control with our cutting-edge technology.


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8961915 Wet Scrubber for Ammonia Capture United States of America

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