Marine Jet Propulsion System

Environmentally friendly, fuel efficient, and cost effective marine jet propulsion system

The Need

Emergence of legislation for proactive emissions standards has coincided with a cultural shift toward environmental conscientiousness and greater demand for environmentally sustainable products, including marine products. Although relative improvements in energy efficiency of propulsion systems have been made, limitations range from high implementation costs to considerable compromises in performance. There is demand for new, fuel efficient, environmentally sustainable, and cost effective propulsion systems capable of maintaining superior levels of performance.

The Technology

Researchers at The Ohio State University, led by Dr. Codrin-Gruie Cantemir, created a high efficiency marine jet propulsion system. The system utilizes existing engine components in an innovative manner to create a propulsion system that can be applied in a broad area of applications from light outboard units to heavy inboard installations. The system is highly adaptable to work with multiple types of fuel, driving engines, and compressor functions. The design applies a heat recovery system to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

Commercial Applications

  • Ship building
  • Recreational watercrafts
  • Large military or commercial vessels


  • Two to three times more powerful outboard motors
  • 50-70% lighter for equivalent output horsepower
  • 80% of fuel energy transformed into thrust
  • Better high-speed and extreme speed behavior due to the absence of the propeller

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