DV8: The Spatial-Temporal Interactive Air Traffic Performance Visualization and Analysis Tool

Optimization of air traffic infrastructure through efficient flight routing - reduces fuel cost, avoids adverse weather, improves "on-time" flight performance metrics.

The Need

America's air traffic control infrastructure has not been updated in decades and lags behind the rest of world. In lieu of a complete rebuild using GPS and digital messaging, other upgrades could be made to optimize the efficiency of flight routing. These types of upgrades would be software based and easily implemented. Potential advantages of optimization software include fuel cost savings, adverse weather avoidance, reduced delays, and more direct flights. A cross discipline breakthrough is needed from aviation and data analytics experts.

The Technology

Dr. Seth Young and Dr. Arnab Nandi have collaborated to develop DV8, a data analytics platform which seeks to optimize all aspects of flight information including, travel time, altitudes, aircraft speed, departure, and landing. The software's current optimization capabilities include predictive search, flight metrics analysis, and advanced tracking of flight routes. The software parses through a high volume of data from FAA black-box transmissions, including current, and historical flight routes to assist the user in improving flight metrics through visualization. This program will serve as a platform for further breakthroughs in the aviation industry, including adverse weather avoidance and advanced fuel savings.

Commercial Applications

  • Predictive search capabilities for aerospace navigation
  • Advanced air traffic control
  • Drone operation
  • Military Aviation


  • First of its kind to analyze the data from both current and past routes
  • Will lead to fuel cost optimization and better flight routing
  • Gathers unique information about a flight such as speed, heading, efficiency of route

Patent Protection

  • United States Patent No. 11,562,006 (issued January 24, 2023)
  • United States Patent Application No. 18/066,539 (pending and publised)

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