Out-of-Plane Fluidic Actuator for Curved Surface Applications

Experience the future of fluidic control with our out-of-plane feedback-type fluidic oscillator. Revolutionize your engineering applications with unmatched precision, adaptability, and efficiency. Embrace innovation and elevate your industry standards with our groundbreaking bistable fluidic actuator design which uses naturally occurring fluid dynamic instabilities instead of moving parts to create an oscillating jet that is out-of-plane from the fluid inlet port.

This inventive technology T2018-374 is just one part of a larger, comprehensive suite of fluidic oscillator technologies offered by The Ohio State University for licensing. To learn more about our other designs, please visit https://oied.osu.edu/find-technologies and search using the term: Fluidic Oscillator.

The Need:

In the world of power generation and aerospace engineering, the limitations of traditional fluidic oscillators have hampered efforts to enhance turbine blade efficiency and airfoil performance. Current designs struggle to position oscillating jets effectively near the leading edge, where cooling and boundary layer flow control are critical. There is a pressing need for a fluidic actuator that can navigate highly curved geometries, providing targeted and efficient fluid flow in compact areas.

The Technology:

Our groundbreaking technology, developed by the pioneering researchers at The Ohio State University’s Aerospace Research Center Turbine Aerothermodynamics Lab, introduces a bistable fluidic actuator. This innovative device delivers an oscillating jet 90° out-of-plane from the inlet, utilizing a specialized cavity design that harnesses the Coanda effect. By creating a feedback loop, this actuator produces an oscillating fluid flow, enabling precise boundary layer flow control and effective film cooling on curved surfaces, such as turbine blades and airfoils.

Commercial Applications:

  • Power Generation: Enhances efficiency and prolongs the lifespan of turbine blades by delivering precise cooling to critical areas, ensuring optimal performance and reducing maintenance costs.
  • Aerospace Industry: Facilitates superior airflow control over airfoils, increasing lift performance, and enabling aircraft to operate at higher angles of attack, improving overall flight efficiency and safety.


  • Targeted Fluid Flow: Delivers an oscillating jet precisely at 90° out-of-plane from the inlet, allowing effective cooling and boundary layer control near the leading edge of turbine blades and airfoils.
  • Increased Efficiency: Extends the lifetime of turbine blades by providing efficient cooling, leading to enhanced power generation and reduced downtime for maintenance.
  • Improved Aircraft Performance: Enables higher angles of attack for airfoils, enhancing lift performance, and ensuring safer and more efficient flight operations.
  • Simplified Design: With no moving parts, this passive fluidic actuator integrates seamlessly into turbine blades and airfoils, offering a maintenance-free solution for enhanced performance and durability.
  • Cost-Effective Solution: Reduces operational costs by enhancing turbine efficiency, minimizing maintenance requirements, and optimizing aircraft performance, making it a valuable investment for power generation and aerospace industries.

Patent Protection

  • United States Patent Application No. 17/614,135 (ALLOWED)

  • Europe Patent Application No. 20813670.5 (PUBLISHED)

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