New Class of Error Correction Codes for Quantum Computing

The emergence of quantum computing has uncovered a new set of error code detection and correction challenges. New technologies are needed to correct quantum and data transmission errors to accelerate the field’s growth and implementation.

The Need

Transmitting data over networks is an essential component across a multitude of applications, including communications, manufacturing, aerospace, satellite communications, quantum computing, and many others. Therefore, detecting and correcting errors during data transmission is of utmost importance to ensure the high quality of data received. However, current error code detection and correction methods are lacking, especially for the emerging quantum computing industry.

The Technology

This technology describes a large new class of error correction codes that consider algebraic codes obtained from embedded Grassmannian codes. These codes are superior to Grassmann codes and help extend error correction to quantum computing applications. In addition, the inventors have generated proof of concept via laboratory testing showing their codes may offer advantages over the current state of the art.

Commercial Applications

Data transmission and quantum computing.


This technology delivers improved error code detection and correction for many data transmission applications. In addition, it could become a new paradigm for error correction for the quantum computing industry.


Provisional Application

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