Laminate of Organic Magnets

The Need

In today's rapidly evolving technological landscape, there is a pressing need for advancements in spintronics and magnetic devices. Traditional semiconductor-based devices have limitations in terms of size, power consumption, and switching speed. To overcome these challenges and usher in the next generation of electronic devices, there is a demand for high-performance, cost-effective, and scalable organic-based magnets with improved properties and manufacturing methods. These organic-based magnets hold the key to revolutionizing spintronic devices by offering superior capabilities, including nonvolatility, rapid switching, and increased carrier efficiency.

The Technology

The present invention introduces a groundbreaking technology centered around organic-based magnets and their fabrication through molecular layer deposition. By utilizing a combination of metal-containing compounds and organic compounds, this innovative approach enables the creation of high-quality, molecularly thin layers of organic magnets. The resulting laminates of organic magnets exhibit induced magnetization when exposed to a magnetic field, making them ideal for advanced spintronic applications.

Commercial Applications

This cutting-edge technology finds exciting applications across various industries, with a particular focus on spintronics and magnetic devices. Some key commercial applications include:

  • Next-Generation Solid-State Memory: Organic-based magnetic random access memory (RAM) devices offer nonvolatility, meaning data retention even when power is switched off, making them ideal for high-performance memory applications.

  • Advanced Data Storage: The technology can be harnessed in recording devices like computer hard disks, enabling enhanced data storage capabilities with rapid and efficient switching of magnetization.

  • Novel Hybrid Transistors: By sandwiching magnetic films between semiconductor material layers like silicon, the technology can be employed to develop hybrid devices with transistor-like behavior for cutting-edge computing applications.


The advantages of this groundbreaking technology are set to reshape the landscape of spintronics and magnetic devices, providing numerous benefits for businesses and end-users alike:

  • Enhanced Device Performance: Organic-based magnets enable superior device performance with reduced power consumption, faster switching speeds, and increased carrier efficiency compared to traditional semiconductor devices.

  • Chemical Tunability: The technology's use of organic-based magnets allows for precise chemical tuning of the electronic and magnetic properties of the magnetic films, opening up new avenues for customization and optimization.

  • Cost-Effective Manufacturing: Through molecular layer deposition, the technology offers a cost-effective and scalable method for producing quality thin films of organic magnets, ensuring widespread accessibility and affordability.

  • Versatility and Adaptability: The ability to incorporate these organic-based magnets into various devices, ranging from memory applications to data storage and computing, highlights the technology's versatility and adaptability to diverse industry needs.

  • Sustainable Innovation: By utilizing organic compounds, the technology also contributes to sustainable practices in the electronics industry, aligning with the growing demand for environmentally friendly technologies.

In conclusion, the advent of organic-based magnets and their fabrication through molecular layer deposition represents a significant leap forward in spintronics and magnetic devices. With its transformative commercial applications and a host of benefits, this technology is poised to drive the next wave of innovation in the electronics landscape, offering unparalleled performance, cost-effectiveness, and sustainability. Embrace the future of spintronics with our cutting-edge organic-based magnets and revolutionize your electronic devices today.


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8808861 Laminate Composite and Method for Making Same United States of America

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