Development of Thread Spray Ambient Mass Spectrometry

The Need: The healthcare industry is witnessing rapid changes, and the establishment of biobanks to collect and store biological specimens has become crucial for facilitating research and healthcare advancements. However, current microsampling techniques face challenges such as handling small sample volumes and ensuring analyte homogeneity. Existing methods often require dilution steps, leading to increased analysis time, compromised sample stability, and reduced accuracy. Additionally, direct analysis from microsamples is not feasible, requiring extensive sample preparations.

The Technology: We present an innovative solution that addresses the challenges faced in microsampling. Our technology utilizes a hydrophobic thread that stabilizes biological samples over extended periods. By contacting the thread with the biological sample, the compounds present, including small molecules and biopolymers, can be ionized using an applied voltage. This allows for their analysis, such as using mass spectrometry, without the need for extensive sample preparations.

Commercial Applications:

  • Toxicology studies in drug development, reducing the need for animal testing and enabling safer drug evaluation.
  • Remote sampling and dry-state sample storage, making sample collection and transportation more efficient and cost-effective.
  • Improved methods for the collection and analysis of biological fluids, enhancing diagnostic accuracy and research capabilities.


  • Rapid and efficient microsampling: Our technology enables the collection and stabilization of biological samples without the need for extensive dilution or complex preparation steps.
  • Enhanced analyte recovery, stability, and homogeneity: With the hydrophobic thread, our solution safeguards the integrity of low-volume aliquots and ensures even analyte distribution in the sample.
  • Resource optimization and cost reduction: By eliminating the need for extensive sample preparation and specialized instruments, our technology lowers operational costs and makes sensitive analysis accessible even in resource-limited settings.

Experience the future of microsampling with our cutting-edge technology, revolutionizing biobank management and empowering advancements in healthcare and research. Contact us today to learn more about how our solution can streamline your sample collection and analysis processes.

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