Wind speed and direction measurement system

Introducing our Low-Drag Smart Tether System—the future of fluid speed and direction measurement. Experience unmatched accuracy, energy efficiency, and reliability, revolutionizing how we perceive and utilize wind data in the modern age.

The Need

In the realm of aerial technology, the demand for accurate, low-cost wind monitors that are both scalable and efficient has never been higher. Traditional methods, such as pitot tubes and cup-and-vane anemometers, are marred by issues like icing vulnerability, high energy consumption, and unsuitability for aerial applications. Moreover, existing thermal and ultrasonic anemometers suffer from power consumption challenges and non-aerodynamic designs. There is a critical need for a solution that offers precise wind speed and direction measurements without compromising energy efficiency, aerodynamics, or accuracy.

The Technology

Introducing our groundbreaking Low-Drag Smart Tether System—a revolutionary advancement in the field of fluid speed and direction measurement. This innovative system comprises a specialized sleeve with an airfoil-shaped cross-section, a pressure sensor, and a Dyneema tether. The sleeve, designed for minimal drag, rotates about the tether's longitudinal axis when exposed to fluid flow. The pressure sensor, utilizing cutting-edge technology like strain-based, capacitive, or piezoelectric sensors, accurately measures the pressure exerted by air, enabling precise wind speed calculations. Additionally, a directional sensor, often a magnetometer compass or an angular encoder, provides cardinal orientation data. This comprehensive system offers unparalleled accuracy and energy efficiency, ensuring reliable measurements in various environmental conditions.

Commercial Applications

  • Aerial Vehicles: Ideal for drones, microaerial vehicles, and unmanned aerial systems, providing real-time wind data for safe and efficient flight operations.
  • Weather Observatories: Perfect for enhancing the accuracy of weather forecasts by delivering precise wind measurements in real-time.
  • Wind Farms: Enables wind farm operators to optimize turbine performance and energy output by offering detailed wind speed and direction data.
  • Environmental Monitoring: Essential for research and environmental studies, providing valuable insights into local wind patterns for various applications.
  • Maritime Navigation: Facilitates safer maritime navigation by providing ships and vessels with accurate wind speed and direction information.


  • Low Drag Design: The airfoil-shaped sleeve minimizes aerodynamic drag, ensuring accurate measurements without compromising flight stability in aerial applications.
  • Energy Efficiency: Utilizes advanced pressure sensors and low-power components, allowing for extended operational hours without frequent battery replacements.
  • High Accuracy: Incorporates state-of-the-art sensors and directional measurement devices, guaranteeing precise wind speed and orientation data for critical decision-making processes.
  • Scalability: Can be integrated into various platforms, from small drones to large weather observatories, catering to diverse commercial needs.
  • Real-time Data Transmission: Equipped with a wireless transmission device, enabling seamless real-time data transfer to monitoring stations or control centers for immediate analysis and response.

Patent Protection

  • PCT Patent Application No. PCT/US2022/036848 (PUBLISHED)

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