"Courseseeds" micro curriculum revenue generator selling individual lessons from full courses.

The Need: In the era of educational upheaval, where traditional models are giving way to the demand for flexibility and customization, Courseseeds emerges as the solution. Recognizing the shifting landscape of education and the desire for individualized learning experiences, Courseseeds addresses the commercial need for a platform that allows consumers to purchase and engage with individual lessons from full courses.

The Technology: Courseseeds is an innovative online education development and delivery platform that functions as a micro curriculum revenue generator. Instructors seamlessly input individual lessons into the platform, utilizing a user-friendly framework reminiscent of Adobe Cloud products. This structured process enables the creation of organized courses without the hassle of manual saving, providing an irresistible solution for instructors looking to streamline course development.

Commercial Applications:

  • Global Course Marketplace: Students can mix and match lessons from participating institutions worldwide, creating a personalized learning experience akin to Spotify playlists.
  • Integration with Learning Delivery Systems: As a plugin for platforms like Canvas, Courseseeds simplifies the process of lesson input, pricing, and publishing, enhancing the learning experience within existing systems.
  • Corporate Training Solutions: Courseseeds caters to corporate subscribers seeking specialized training content, further expanding its reach and impact in the professional development landscape.


  • Flexibility and Customization: Students can curate their learning journey by selecting individual lessons, fostering a tailored educational experience.
  • Efficiency in Course Development: Instructors benefit from a streamlined course development process, allowing for the creative publication of lessons as they are completed.
  • Global Reach: Courseseeds opens up a global marketplace for educational content, connecting instructors and learners beyond traditional geographical boundaries.
  • Seamless Integration: The platform seamlessly integrates with popular learning delivery systems like Canvas, ensuring a smooth experience for both instructors and students.
  • Future-Proof Education: Positioned as the future of education, Courseseeds embraces the digital revolution in learning, challenging conventional notions of degrees and credentials.

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