KineScribe, an iPad app for Laban movement notations.

The Need: Dance researchers, educators, choreographers, and movement practitioners face the challenge of accessing and editing Laban movement notation scores on modern, portable devices. With the discontinuation of LabanWriter, the industry lacked a touch-screen application tailored to the latest technologies. KineScribe addresses this critical need, providing a user-friendly, iPad-based solution for displaying, creating, and editing Laban movement notation scores.

The Technology: KineScribe is an innovative iPad app designed for reading, creating, and editing Laban movement notation scores. It supports structured Labanotation, Motif, Language of Dance, and Laban Movement Analysis, empowering users to interpret established dances and notate their own creations. Redesigned from the desktop program LabanWriter, KineScribe utilizes touch screen capabilities, allowing users to seamlessly manipulate scores and symbols using intuitive gestures and the Apple Pencil.

Commercial Applications:

  • Dance Researchers: Efficiently analyze and document movement patterns for research purposes.
  • Educators: Facilitate dance literacy in classrooms from pre-K through university.
  • Choreographers: Capture and refine choreographic elements on the go.
  • Movement Practitioners: Enhance the precision of movement analysis and interpretation.
  • Students: Learn Laban movement notation in an interactive and engaging manner.


  • Portability: Access and edit Laban movement notation scores anywhere, from the classroom to the research field.
  • Enhanced Literacy: Boost dance and digital literacy through quantitative-kinesthetic reasoning.
  • Compatibility: Bridge the gap left by the discontinued LabanWriter, ensuring continued usability of existing scores.
  • Multi-Platform Expansion: Future plans include availability on Mac OS, PC, Windows, Linux, iPhone/iPod, and Android platforms.
  • Versatile Features: From creating new scores and syncing with desktop computers to emailing scores as PDFs and customizable symbol palettes, KineScribe offers a comprehensive suite of tools for dance notation.

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