Quantum Leap: Revolutionizing Computing and Sensing with Modular Zero-Dimensional Tunnel Junction Devices

The Need:

Innovations in the field of quantum technology are paramount to addressing the escalating demand for advanced computational capabilities and sensitive sensor applications. As traditional computing methodologies reach their limits, there arises an urgent commercial need for breakthroughs in quantum computing and sensing technologies. This demand is fueled by diverse sectors such as finance, healthcare, materials science, and national security, all seeking to harness the unparalleled power of quantum mechanics for solving complex problems and unlocking new insights.

The Technology:

The disclosed technology introduces a pioneering approach to modular construction of zero-dimensional (0-D) state tunnel junction devices, presenting a paradigm shift in quantum device engineering. At its core, the design comprises alternating layers of conductive and insulating materials, with impurities strategically embedded within the insulating layers. Notably, the conductive layers feature two-dimensional materials like graphene, while the insulating layers employ hexagonal boron nitride, ensuring precise control over electron tunneling behavior. This meticulously engineered architecture facilitates the realization of zero-dimensional systems, crucial for quantum computing applications such as qubits.

Commercial Applications:

  • Quantum computing: Enabling the development of highly efficient qubits for quantum information processing.
  • Quantum sensors: Facilitating the creation of ultra-sensitive devices for precision measurements in fields like metrology and medical diagnostics.
  • Quantum transduction: Paving the way for novel technologies that convert quantum information between different physical modalities, essential for quantum communication networks.


  • Enhanced scalability: The modular design allows for scalable fabrication of quantum devices, facilitating large-scale integration for practical applications.
  • Superior performance: Leveraging two-dimensional materials and precise impurity control results in devices with unparalleled quantum coherence and stability.
  • Versatile applications: From quantum computing to sensing and transduction, the technology offers a versatile platform adaptable to diverse commercial needs.
  • Cutting-edge innovation: By pushing the boundaries of quantum device engineering, this technology positions organizations at the forefront of technological advancement, fostering competitiveness and innovation leadership.
  • Potential for transformative impact: As quantum technologies continue to mature, the adoption of this groundbreaking approach holds the promise of revolutionizing industries and addressing pressing societal challenges.

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